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Price Optimisation

Set the optimal price for your product and service

The price optimisation blueprint assists in building a Rainbird solution to determine the ideal price for products or services based on multiple factors.

With Rainbird, any organisation can continually assess its pricing in the context of a marketplace and maximise the revenue from each product and service.

Automating price determination helps efficiently and proactively react to changing customer behaviours and market conditions.

Use cases

Loan Pricing

Create a non-linear model of loan criteria to leverage policy and expert knowledge. Incorporate the strategic and operational factors into a single decision including all relevant factors such as ESG.

Insurance Underwriting

Model professional underwriting expertise including that relating to complex risks. Deploy these models against cases to deliver a superior risk-based price for each policy efficiently and at any scale.

Trade Price Validation

Guarantee that all trades are checked at execution against the most current pricing limits, and ensure only trades within limits are accepted and executed. Reduce the risk of rogue or abnormal trades.


  • Make pricing decisions that balance commercial, risk and policy factors by deploying powerful codifications of specialists’ knowledge.
  • Maintain business logic as a business function to ensure maximum control, flexibility and a rapid change-cycle.
  • Quickly and successfully complete transactions at any scale or complexity.
  • Ensure that every decision comes with a complete audit trail to satisfy stakeholders and compliance.

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