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Root Cause Analysis

Determine root cause of a problem

The root cause analysis blueprint guides you in building a Rainbird solution to identify a fault, error or problem, ready to recommend the best solution.

Rainbird performs sophisticated diagnostics in real time, so that you can quickly identify, prevent or solve problems at any scale.

Automating root cause analysis allows customers to self-diagnose problems with their product and service, reducing the burden on human intensive operations.

Use cases

Clinical risk assessment

Assess underlying occupational health issues for staff and customers to fully understand the causes and recommend interventions.

Handle customer fault report

Diagnose the underlying cause of a reported fault by quickly assess all relevant factors based on similar complaint cases, and establish how best to resolve the issue.


  • Scale scarce expertise by empowering your experts to independently and declaratively define the logic that in combination is capable of uncovering why operations may be failing.
  • Insulate yourself from the high cost of post-failure investigations by intervening early and automatically, reducing risks, accelerating resolution and reducing costs.
  • Be able to automatically identify and articulate the root cause and explain that to customers, stakeholders and regulators.

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