Letter from the CEO: Access Rainbird for Free to Tackle COVID-19 Devastation

James Duez
James Duez
2 min read

Dear friends and partners

We call on the world to utilise our technology free of charge to help others in the face of COVID-19

I invite you to use Rainbird’s intelligent automation technology to support our communities at this time of international crisis. It is already relied upon by some of the largest global organisations to deliver critical services.

This pandemic is resulting in disruption on a scale that is unprecedented in peacetime. For some organisations, demand for services is collapsing while, for others, it is increasing exponentially – not least of all within our healthcare services. Either scenario presents a massive challenge, especially given this crisis has also triggered a wholesale displacement of our people.

Like you, I feel the challenge of balancing my responsibilities to my family, my colleagues and my community. While we are all feeling the pain of disruption, many of us are also facing new financial realities or losing our jobs.

Technology is probably more critical right now than at any other moment in history. We applaud and watch with anticipation as data scientists predict virus inflection points and scientists advance hopes for a vaccine.

While they do their critical work, technology companies like Rainbird can and must do more. We need to take action, not just publish rhetoric. Our businesses, staff and communities need support. They need answers to their biggest questions; “Should I go to hospital?” “Is there financial support for my family?” “How can I support my employees?”

We work with experts every day, and each wishes they could support all of those who need their help; every worried patient, every struggling family, every remote worker.

There is a technology that makes this possible, and it would be irresponsible if we didn’t make it available for free where it can be wielded for the greater good.

We have an established, truly intelligent technology that can automate complex decisions at scale and explain its rationale at each turn; whether that be a provisional clinical diagnosis, critical financial advice or essential technical support.

Intelligent automation delivers solutions at a scale that cannot be achieved by humans alone. This is true at any time but especially now. Quite simply, it solves a problem of scale that cannot be solved any other way.

We are already working with partners to put our collective energies into making a difference. Before COVID-19, we were working with Ernst Young and the Royal College of Art to support vulnerable people in financial services. Now, we’re developing further ways to help.

We want you to join us because collectively we can achieve so much. That’s why we’re offering our technology to you, so your best expertise can be amplified to make a difference.

How will you scale your knowledge to make a difference to millions of people?

Simply complete the short form on this page and we’ll be in touch.

Stay healthy

James Duez
Rainbird Technologies

UPDATE: You can no longer take advantage of this offer, but you can join Rainbird Community to still access the Rainbird intelligent automation platform.

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