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Case Study

DACB: Fusing Decision Intelligence with End-to-End Automation

Explore how DACB revolutionised their Property Recoveries process by leveraging Rainbird’s Decision Intelligence for real-time, end-to-end automation, significantly reducing manual assessment time and enhancing claim recovery prospects.


DAC Beachcroft, a leading international law firm, develops innovative award-winning technology solutions like DataFlag and AiDan to enhance legal services and their client offering. The CSG Property Recoveries team is instructed by a variety of Insurer clients to recover the costs of property damage claims. To support the recovery of these claims, the Property Recoveries team needs to be able to accurately assess the likelihood of recovery for each claim to maximise resource utilisation on cases with good prospects for recovery.

The Challenge

DAC Beachcroft’s Property Recoveries team found that the initial process of assessing claims for recovery prospects was very manual and often lacked all the information required for an accurate assessment. This led to excessive time and resources invested in ultimately unsuccessful cases.

DACB had already made waves with their innovative Property triage tool AiDan which utilised Rainbird’s decision intelligence capabilities to provide expert triage assessments. The solution won “Innovators of the Year 2022”- Bristol Law Society.

Working with multiple insurers and loss adjusters meant there are a myriad of ways DACB received instructions and various documents that contains key information. This added to the complexity and time to review and identify claims that had good prospects of recovery. This provided an opportunity to enhance the user experience by streamlining the process and expanding AiDan’s decision-making capabilities.

DACB’s goal was to achieve true end-to-end intelligent automation of the triage process. They once again partnered with Rainbird to scale operations and meet growing client demands.

The Solution

The new and improved AiDan integrates process automation, natural language processing, and advanced decision intelligence. This achieves true end-to-end automation of the entire triage process. DACB required the solution to maximise utilisation of expert resources and reduce write-offs by:

  • Identifying more recoveries and driving better results.
  • Standardise and improve triage efficiency, enhancing recovery performance.
  • Ingest and validate high volumes of unstructured and inconsistent client data.

Robotic process automation (RPA) gathers data from multiple sources, whilst a large language model is used to extract key details from unstructured and often inconsistent data. Rainbird’s AI engine provides the decision intelligence, designed to reason in line with DACB’s expertise, to accurately evaluate case prospects.

A schematic showing how Rainbird ad RPA Robots automate property triage for DAC Beachcroft.

Rainbird then marshals all those inputs through its decision intelligence model to provide a likelihood for the recoverability of a claim:

  • Green for high prospect cases, automatically routed for processing.
  • Amber for human review cases that need further investigation.
  • Red for automatic rejection with reasons provided.

Rainbird’s delivery partner MobileCloud delivered the workflow and key data extraction elements of the solution enabling Rainbird to process the data and determine the results. The combination of these technologies enabled fast, accurate, end-to-end automation of the triage processes.

The Results

The impact of AiDan is transformative:

  • Time for red and green claims down 85%.
  • Resources released to investigate amber claims.
  • Sped up the process and ensured good prospect of recovery.
  • Ensuring appropriate oversight and quality controls by maintaining human in the loop.
  • Meaningful data insights resulting in continuous improvement opportunities.

By automating labour intensive and repetitive aspects of the triage process, DACB enables their triage and legal teams to work smarter, increase efficiency, and provide an even better service to their clients.

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