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Case Study

Sales Qualification for top professional services firm based in Europe

Rainbird worked with a top professional services firm based in the Netherlands to create an AI-powered Decision Intelligence tool to assess sales opportunities.


The individual salespeople historically drove the company’s existing sales qualification process through emotion, personal knowledge, and their instincts.

The lack of data-driven insights led to inconsistent outcomes. This meant that sales teams incorrectly qualified a large portion of sales opportunities, missing out on stronger revenue opportunities.


After collaborating with Rainbird, the team built an AI-powered sales qualification tool that accurately represented competing data points. It combined the perspectives of six different business areas, each of which had a role to play in the qualification process.

Rainbird Decision Intelligence platform displays a list of the most pertinent factors so that a comprehensive and informed decision can be made in each case. The explainable AI model was backed by an extended knowledge graph that incorporated deal suitability criteria, with emphasis on factors influencing the likelihood of winning a deal.


With the Rainbird-powered AI solution, the professional services firm now has a more consistent approach to how they qualify sales opportunities and has, ultimately, increased sales.

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