Fraud Detection: DACB continue innovation with Rainbird

Lydia Serrant
Lydia Serrant
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DAC Beachcroft, an international legal firm that specialises in fraud detection on behalf of insurers, has further deepened its commitment to innovation by leveraging Rainbird’s award-winning intelligent automation technology.

DAC Beachcroft boasts teams of highly skilled fraud investigators as well as powerful data-driven fraud tools. It is now going one step further by adopting Rainbird’s powerful decision-automation platform.

Rainbird, alongside their partner Mobile Cloud will enable DAC Beachcroft to encode their expertise and automatically apply that across larger datasets, freeing up their skilled experts for more in-depth investigative work. This will not only identify and flag more potential fraudulent activity but also go deeper than other fraud detection analysis methods by providing a rationale and recommended approach.

Augmenting human expertise

It is common for fraud systems to look for correlations and patterns in data and flag those cases for humans to apply judgement. This is time-consuming and prone to human error, good fraud detection software relies on both software and seasoned human expertise. 

DAC Beacroft’s collaboration with Rainbird enables them to go even further by embedding non-linear models of human expertise into the heart of their fraud systems. The result is a capability that will detect fraud at a scale and depth which would be impossible to achieve without Rainbird. 

Craig Dickson, CEO of DAC Beacroft’s Claims Solution Group said, “We’re really excited to deepen our relationship with Rainbird and their technology. We’ve always had amongst the best experts in the industry. Rainbird enables us to amplify that expertise and apply it across an ever-growing book of business. Fraudsters become increasingly sophisticated which is why we are committed to a continuous programme of investment in AI and cognitive technologies.” 

DAC Beachcroft will also be advancing the use of Rainbird’s technology in the processing of property claims with the intention of accelerating the claims cycle and ensuring better outcomes for their clients.

Mr Dickson continued, “The great thing about adopting a platform like Rainbird is it is a single technology that can be applied to multiple opportunities that help our business to scale and improve customer experience.”

Rainbird’s CEO James Duez said, “We’re excited to expand the scope of our work with DAC Beachcroft, helping them turbo-charge their best-of-breed insurance services with the power of intelligent automation. The combination of their expertise and our technology will identify fraud with an even higher degree of accuracy and reduce the burden of highly repetitive work formally undertaken by lawyers’’ 

Greater transparency for every claim

Rainbird will now work closely with DAC Beachcroft’s fraud team to build nonlinear knowledge models that can process an almost unlimited amount of claims data each day. 

One of the features which most attracted DAC Beachcrofts to Rainbird was its audit trail

Mr Dickson commented, “Every time Rainbird’s technology makes a decision, we get highly-detailed explanations for our team to the ultimate benefit of our clients. We know that simple workflow technology cannot deliver such sophistication and rationale’’ 

DACB is scaling their services with a capacity to now onboard larger clients. Powered by technology, DACB is offering its clients a new kind of customer-centric service with better access to lawyers, and a more personalised customer experience. 

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