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Dr Lorien Pratt, Inventor of Decision Intelligence, Joins Rainbird Technologies as Advisor in a Strategic Partnership with Quantellia

Sabu Samarnath
Sabu Samarnath
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London, UK – 10 May 2023 – Rainbird Technologies, a leading provider of decision intelligence solutions through its next-generation symbolic AI platform, is proud to announce the appointment of Dr Lorien Pratt as an advisor. Dr Pratt, the inventor of decision intelligence and transfer learning, brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the Rainbird team, further strengthening the company’s position as an industry leader. This appointment is accompanied by a strategic partnership between Rainbird Technologies and Quantellia LLC, Dr Pratt’s organization, providing both companies access to each other’s cutting-edge technologies and expertise.

Dr Pratt’s collaboration with Rainbird will support the company’s technical advancements by combining their compatible research and development efforts. Her extensive experience in decision intelligence and transfer learning will help Rainbird deliver even greater value to its clients, enabling them to make evidence-based judgements, improve internal efficiency, and monetize their AI models. Additionally, this partnership will accelerate the adoption of AI models across numerous industries, allowing organizations to make better, more informed decisions, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and increased competitiveness.

The strategic partnership between Rainbird and Quantellia will enable both companies to leverage each other’s strengths and resources, further enhancing their capabilities in the decision intelligence space. Quantellia will gain access to the benefits of Rainbird’s next-generation symbolic AI platform, while Rainbird will benefit from Dr Pratt’s pioneering work in decision intelligence.

James Duez, CEO of Rainbird Technologies, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Dr Lorien Pratt to our team and forge a strategic partnership with Quantellia. Her groundbreaking work in decision intelligence will be invaluable as we continue to develop our next-generation symbolic AI platform. With her guidance, we are confident that Rainbird will remain at the forefront of the decision intelligence revolution.”

Dr Lorien Pratt added, ‘’It’s widely known that the field of AI has gone through a series of ‘‘winter/summer’’ hype cycles.  What is less well-understood is that AI’s focus has changed with each one.  Although the most recent shift is to data-centric AI, the history of AI also includes AI systems that are based on human knowledge, which hasn’t received as much attention in recent years. Rainbird is one of only a few organizations driving the next era of AI, which will be characterized by re-unification of these two approaches. Not only are their “neurosymbolic” solutions driving greater value, but they are also more transparent and less subject to bias.  Decision Intelligence (DI) is the “glue” that connects them to drive these benefits.  Rainbird is an important player driving a “solutions renaissance”, and I’m honored and delighted to be working with them to help organizations to make better decisions that lead to improved outcomes.”

By joining forces, Rainbird Technologies and Quantellia will continue to revolutionize the way organizations leverage AI, ensuring transparency, explainability, and trust in every project. This collaboration highlights both companies’ commitment to transparency and trust in the decision intelligence space, setting the stage for a new era of neuro-symbolic AI and the responsible automation of decision-making.

About Quantellia LLC and Dr Lorien Pratt

Dr Lorien Pratt is the co-founder and CEO of Quantellia LLC, a leading provider of decision intelligence solutions. She is widely recognized as the inventor of decision intelligence and transfer learning, with over 30 years of experience in AI, machine learning, and data science. Dr Pratt has worked with organizations such as NASA, the World Bank, and the US Department of Energy, helping them leverage AI to make better decisions. For more information about Quantellia LLC and Dr Lorien Pratt, visit

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