New Rainbird Connector for UiPath

Sabu Samarnath
Sabu Samarnath
2 min read

UiPath users can now access the Rainbird connector directly from the UiPath Marketplace. You can now make your RPA workflows work smarter, with Rainbird’s decision intelligence.

Decision intelligence just got simpler for UiPath users. You can now integrate the new Rainbird connector straight into your RPA workflow and start automating complex decisions.

The connector allows you to separate decision logic from your automation flows, and start automating time-consuming, repetitive decision-making. Rainbird makes your automation workflow easier to build, scale, and maintain. It acts as the decision orchestrator of the operation and supports the UiPath Business Automation Platform to streamline your tasks across its integrated services.

How to set up your Rainbird Connector

It is straightforward to set up your Rainbird Connector. All you need to do is visit the UiPath Marketplace to start asking for decisions from Rainbird

  1. Go to Uipath Marketplace and search for ‘Rainbird’ or access directly from the UiPath Studio.
  1. Connect your Rainbird knowledge map to your UiPath workflow and start building automated decisions into your process.

No account? No problem! Simply contact us to begin your decision automation journey today. Our team of decision intelligence experts are ready to help and support you to get started configuring your Rainbird knowledge map.

Separate decision logic from process

Rainbird makes it simple to achieve effective software design because it ensures a clear separation of decision logic and process. 

Rainbird handles all your decision logic in one place, enabling a clear separation between decision logic and process in your UiPath workflows. It makes it easier to maintain, debug, and modify the code because it allows for more modularity and greater clarity. 

The Rainbird connector allows you to test different components of the software, as the decision logic and process can be tested independently. Additionally, different parts of the automation code can be used and reused in different scenarios.

Our clients have been using this same principle with RPA and have already seen dramatic results. For one major US health insurer, automating a process using both Rainbird and UiPath cut development time from 2-3 weeks to an hour.

Now, anyone who uses UiPath can set up and automate complex decisions by integrating Rainbird. What’s more, because Rainbird is no-code it is simple to use and now even simpler to access.
To enjoy all these benefits, access your free Rainbird connector from the UiPath Marketplace. Alternatively, you can contact us for more information.

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