Open letter from the CEO: Use Rainbird’s automation platform for free to help Ukraine humanitarian crisis

James Duez
James Duez
2 min read

Dear friends and partners

If you are trying to support the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries, we can help you. We are offering our intelligent automation platform for free—to any person or organisation that needs assistance with problems like automated resource allocation, risk management and the orchestration of people.

With over a million people displaced, technology can be immensely useful in supporting humanitarian aid workers and volunteers. We can provide an extremely powerful decision automation capability, which can be deployed rapidly, to automate high volumes of critical decision-making. 

You could have our automated decision-making module live in a matter of hours—and anyone with a smartphone could access tools. It is much easier to manage complex judgements than logging data in spreadsheets.

You will know more than us about the challenges, but here are a few examples of how our platform could be used:

  • Automate incoming web enquiries and triage them to automated responses or the most appropriate support services.
  • Match host volunteers with refugees, based on location, language spoken, accommodation space, transport, security considerations and other factors.
  • Optimally allocate volunteers and other resources (food, medicines, etc.) based on priority and availability.
  • Automatically assemble teams to ensure the best personnel deal with an incident based on availability, location, skillset, experience, etc.
  • Automate risk assessments and create automated documentation of the risk factors and judgement rationale.

If you have a use for our technology, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to support you. If you know anyone on the ground in Ukraine and eastern Europe who would benefit from our help, please put us in touch with them.

The situation in Ukraine is profoundly shocking and deeply unsettling. Technology companies can and should take action. We stand with the brave people of Ukraine. 

We’ve offered our support amid international crises before. When the pandemic hit, we made our platform free for NHS trusts. For the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, we developed a COVID-19 risk assessment tool to help potentially vulnerable front-line workers limit their exposure to undue levels of risk from the virus. 

Contact us here and we’ll be in touch.

James Duez


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