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Rainbird now integrates with Microsoft Power Automate

Sabu Samarnath
Sabu Samarnath
2 min read

Microsoft Power Automate users can now set up new automation flows much faster and handle complex decisioning by integrating Rainbird.


If you use Microsoft Power Automate, then we have good news. We’ve created an integration between Microsoft Power Automate and Rainbird’s Infer module.

Now, anyone who uses Microsoft Power Automate can set up new automation flows much faster and even handle complex decisioning by integrating Rainbird.

Crucially, this means you can separate decision logic from your automation flows, making them easier to build, scale and maintain. Rainbird acts as the decision orchestrator, while Microsoft Power Automate carries out tasks across its integrated services, like triggering flows and updating spreadsheets.

How to set up your Microsoft Power Automate decisioning with Rainbird integration

Getting your integration set up is easy. All you need is a connector that allows you to make calls between Microsoft Power Automate, via Rainbird’s API, to any Rainbird Infer knowledge map.

Simply contact us here to say you’d like a copy of the Microsoft Power Automate connector. We’ll send you the connector as a .json file with instructions on how to import it. 

Why being able to separate decision logic from processes matters

Whether you’re an RPA leader trying to improve how you scale automation across your organisation or a no-code automation experimenter looking for something beyond Excel macros to make your daily work life easier, you’ll get value from this integration. 

It’s a well-known principle in computer science that creating a proper separation of concerns makes for good software design. (That’s why we’ve enabled similar integrations for UiPath and Blueprism users.) 

With this integration, we’re enabling you to take advantage of exactly the same principle. By using Rainbird to handle all your decision logic in one place, you keep a neat separation between decision logic and process in your Microsoft Power Automate flows. This makes the flows you create faster to build, easier to adapt, and more scalable—while returning you consistently high-quality results. 

Rainbird users who have used this principle in RPA have already seen dramatic results.  

What’s more, Rainbird is no code—so if you can handle Microsoft Power Automate, you’ll have no problem using Rainbird.

One client, a major US healthcare insurer setting up a new RPA process, recently told us, “One process that took me 2–3 weeks to create in UiPath alone took me an hour in Rainbird.”

To request a connector, contact us here.

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