Rainbird is Crossing The Pond

Sabu Samarnath
Sabu Samarnath
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This winter Rainbird is embarking on another stateside visit marked by an appearance at AI Summit New York. We’ll be spanning the East Coast of the country from 3rd to 13th December – and we’re not coming just for scenery. The purpose of our visit: to enhance our US chapter and further engage with like-minded collaborators, as we aim to transform the business landscape of the future.

Combine human expertise with AI-powered automation

Wherever strategic decisions are made and expertise is consistently required, Rainbird can slot into the backbone of an organisation, integrated with APIs or RPA and accessed via consultative chatbots.

Improving fraud detection

Nothing beats human understanding when trying to investigate the nuances of potential fraud cases, and this understanding is exactly what Rainbird allows you to scale. Watch COO and fraud expert James Loft talking to Lloyds Bank about the evolution of merchant fraud, and how prevention is no longer just about security; streamlined prevention is crucial for a frictionless customer experience.

Revolutionising trading

The boom in cryptocurrencies is changing the face of the financial sector as we know it, and Rainbird is being deployed in the engine room of that change. In one of our most innovative projects to date, we provided the backbone for a world-first in the finance industry: an AI-brokered trade via a virtual assistant.

Self-service legal advice

By automating the process of reviewing legislation and identifying customer needs, Rainbird is a tool that can allow lawyers to focus on doing what they do best: using their nous and know-how to offer a great service to their clients. Follow the link to read about our work in legal tech with Taylor Wessing, or check out coverage of our appearance as sponsor of this year’s London Law Expo – Europe’s largest legal conference.

Empowering better healthcare

Providing high-quality, customised healthcare to patients is sadly not always a possibility. The demand for specialists far outweighs the supply, and the cost of their service outweighs most patients’ budgets. In the case of our work with community healthcare service client Fluid Motion, there simply weren’t enough quality physiotherapists and osteopaths to go around for musculoskeletal condition sufferers. But by encoding the expertise of health specialists in a Rainbird knowledge map and making it available at scale, patients can have wider access to tailored treatment plans.


Regardless of the use case for Rainbird – whether automating care plans, assessing insurance claims, or making legal recommendations – the decisions it makes are always explainable via an in-built audit trail, making it an ideal choice for regulated industries. In today’s compliance-driven world, you cannot automate important decision-making without being able to articulate why a judgement was made.

Collaborate with thought leaders

Rainbird is home to forward thinkers – and we invite others to join us in the activity. As a client, you’ll be in the capable hands of a rapidly growing business with the sagacity to navigate a rapidly changing marketplace. As a partner, you’ll be pushing the boundaries of business technology with some of the UK’s most preeminent thinkers and actors.

Take our co-founders as an example:Aside from acting as the driving force behind Rainbird’s unique automated decision-making platform, our CEO Ben Taylor (left, in parliament) contributes to AI policy debate in the UK government, taking a seat on the All Party Parliamentary Group for AI (APPGI).

Ben is one of the leading proponents of ethical, explainable AI technology, and encourages values that inspire public trust in new technology.

Executive Chairman James Duez (below) is a trailblazing entrepreneur whose selection by Grant Thornton as one of their Faces of a Vibrant Economy is fresh off the presses.

And as recent selectees on the London Stock Exchange Group’s prestigious ELITE ecosystem, you can be sure you’ll be in the company of the UK’s best in AI and automation.

But most importantly of all, we’re interested in you.

What are the areas your business can improve in? Our implementation team can help you pinpoint pain points and build targeted solutions.

Where do the strengths in your business lie? By modelling your most valuable expertise in a Rainbird knowledge map, together we can capture and scale them.

Transform your business into a Decision Intelligence powerhouse

Explore how Rainbird can seamlessly integrate human expertise into every decision-making process. Embrace the future of Decision Intelligence powered by explainable AI.