Rainbird sponsors Codebar to help diversify the tech industry

Sabu Samarnath
Sabu Samarnath
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Codebar’s goal is to enable underrepresented members of the community to learn programming in a safe, fun and collaborative environment which could expand career opportunities and increase self-esteem.

Some attendees aspire to be full-time developers, but the programme is not just for those interested in pursuing computer programming. For those who’d like to gain a better understanding of technology and how it’s shaping our future, Codebar offers a supportive learning space.

Rainbird CTO Ben Taylor said: “It’s very important that our industry is open and accessible to as many people as possible. Events like Codebar and what they stand for align very nicely with what we’re trying to achieve at Rainbird.” Follow the play button below for a video summary of the event. 

Addressing the AI skills gap

With a skills gap in the tech industry, the more people learning new skills such as coding, the better. LinkedIn data shows that skills like mobile development and user interface design will be in high demand in the coming years, while a recent Ernst & Young poll found that 56% of senior AI professionals believed the lack of qualified AI professionals was the single biggest barrier to AI implementation across business operations.

Our recent launch of Rainbird University, a learning resource for clients such as law firm Taylor Wessing, addresses this challenge by teaching employees the skills to identify and build AI-powered Rainbird solutions.

…and levelling the tech playing field

Offering guidance to the more disadvantaged in society has so far proved to be an effective way of levelling the technology playing field. Studies show that coding workshops are helping to diversify the tech industry – for example, research from SwitchUp shows that on average 43% of bootcamp grads are women, compared with just 12% of computer science majors.

Initiatives like Codebar should add to this mix, helping to bridge not only the AI skills gap, but also the equality gap in the tech industry.

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