Rainbird wins for East of England at Barclays High-Growth and Entrepreneur Awards 2017

Sabu Samarnath
Sabu Samarnath
1 min read

The Entrepreneur Awards Programme, which is now in its second year, is a celebration of Barclays’ clients and a recognition of their entrepreneurial successes and leadership.

On winning the award, Rainbird chairman James Duez said, “We are incredibly pleased to win this particular award – it adds endorsement to all the work we have put into creating a business that enables large corporations to automate complex decisions in a transparent way. The recognition from Barclays is a great boost to the team. We continue to grow our capability and international reach, and we are more excited about the prospects than ever.”

The regional awards judging panels are made up of a combination of senior Barclays representatives, experienced entrepreneurs and influential spokespeople from across seven UK regions.

Jon Corbett, Head of SME, South East Midlands and Cambridgeshire at Barclays, said, “This award recognises a business that has been created through the identification of a market opportunity and developing an innovative solution and approach. I am delighted that Rainbird have won the regional category and wish them luck in the national finals.”

The Entrepreneur Awards Dinner will be hosted by Barclays on 11th October 2017, at which the national winners for each category will be announced.

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