Rainbird’s COO 2020 predictions

Sabu Samarnath
Sabu Samarnath
1 min read

This decade is set to witness financial services and insurance firms finally realise the potential of technology to maximise their data and their people – but only those that choose wisely, strategically, and with upcoming regulation changes in mind. Businesses looking to expand and maximise their businesses expertise are likely to find that machine intelligence is the key to unlocking the potential left unfulfilled by more task-based forms of automation.

With businesses bogged down by Brexit, and action required by new regulations such as the looming LIBOR change, expect those firms with the ability to marry their human expertise with technology to succeed. Start 2020 with Rainbird COO James Loft’s predictions for the year:

Want for more food for thought? Cast your eye over Rainbird CEO James Duez’ 2020 predictions – anticipating, among other things, the growing role of interpretable automation in strengthening compliance.

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