Release Note

Rainbird v4.28: More flexibility for the Quick Query agent

Michael Price
Michael Price

A new version (v4.28) has been deployed to the Rainbird environment.

The Quick Query agent has been updated to provide more flexibility when testing queries to your knowledge map, making it easier to test more advanced scenarios. These updates include: 

  • An ability to query on the subject, object or both
  • Run multiple queries within the same session. This can help you test how the engine behaviour changes when data is shared within the same session
  • Click ‘Back’ from the results page to test different scenarios for the same query faster
  • Improved UI

These changes can be accessed in the following ways:

  1. Click a relationship on the graph and select ‘Run query’
  2. Expand your relationship list in the Navigator and click the play button.

Version 4.28 is available in the Community environment should any regression testing be required.

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