Release Note

Rainbird v4.47: Explainability for automated tests

Michael Price
Michael Price

In our latest release (v4.47) we wanted to focus on explainability and traceability of automated tests created within the Studio.

Previously, if an automated test returned an unexpected result, you were not able to inspect the chain of reasoning to understand why this result was provided. Without this traceability, it would be difficult to identify the problem and know where the knowledge map requires further refinements.

To address this The Evidence Tree is now available whenever you get a result from an automated test, regardless of whether you expected it or not. Just click the evidence icon that will now appear next to the result.

Evidence available for unexpected results to automated tests

We have also added functionality to collapse and expand all tests to help when you have lots of large tests and we’ve fixed a bug that made it difficult to move your tests with the knowledge map, for example between dev and test accounts, as some tests would incorrectly fail and required rebuilding in the new account.

Additional improvements:

  • API documentation updated to include first-form questions and known invalid responses
  • Bug fixed in the Navigator search. The Navigator will highlight only exact matches to the search term, not letters contained within the search term.

Deployment dates for v4.47

Community: 17th October 2023

Enterprise: 24th October 2023

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