Release Note

Rainbird v4.49: Increased transparency of decisions

Michael Price
Michael Price

We’ve made a range of improvements to stats and reporting in the Studio to increase transparency and traceability of decisions in Rainbird.

Invocation stats

  • Now displaying totals for started queries, query results and query results with answers. This makes it much simpler to see usage levels and performance of your knowledge map.

Interaction History

  • Timestamp and session ID now included for each query to improve searchability.
  • User-provided answers will now display only the data the user selected, not the full subject-relationship-object. E.g. the question “Where was Simon born?” will now display the answer as “Argentina”, not “Simon born in Argentina”. This improves readability, particularly where long subjects or relationships are used.
  • The evidence tree for each result is now accessible from interaction history. This provides much easier access to evidence.
Interaction displaying user-provided answer and evidence tree link
  • Please note: interaction history is an optional feature that must be enabled for each version. To do this, open your knowledge map, browse to PUBLISH and tick ‘Record interactions’ for each version. 


  • We’ve redesigned a slimline version and date filter to improve usability. These filters have been moved to the top to provide easier access.

So what?

When managing your AI-powered solutions, it is important to monitor usage, the model outputs, the effectiveness of them and be able to analyse these to identify improvements.

It is also crucial to be able to troubleshoot unexpected results or results that are being questioned by your users.

With Rainbird, it is possible to provide complete transparency of every query and these improvements take this further, ensuring Rainbird Authors have access to all of the evidence for each decision made.

We hope you enjoy these updates.

Deployment dates for v4.49

Community: 13th November 2023

Enterprise: 20th November 2023

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