Release Note

Rainbird v4.50: Improved interaction history

Michael Price
Michael Price

In our latest release we have made improvements to the readability of the interaction history. 

With this we hope it will be easier to understand why a decision was or was not made, troubleshoot issues and access decisions and evidence.

Alongside the cleaner look and feel, the changes also include:

  • access to the session ID to support reporting or troubleshooting
  • a total question count
  • ability to minimise the question/answer interaction to get straight to the result (just click the question count)
  • clicking on inject or question boxes will expand to show additional information

We hope you enjoy these updates.

Deployment dates for v4.50

Community: 27th November 2023

Enterprise: 4th December 2023

Interaction history for a session

Minimised questions and answers

Click to expand question details

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