Release Note

Rainbird v4.51: Workflow upgrades

Michael Price
Michael Price

We are pleased to announce an update to our native workflow tool.

As well as design improvements, the variable modifiers for objects have been expanded to increase the flexibility of picking out and manipulating data from an object.

The new modifiers include keys, set, to pairs, values and JSONata,  a query and transformation language with documentation here.

Some noticeable design changes include:

  • Variable selection is grouped by component to make it easier to identify the data you need
  • A selection of general variables are available such as Pi, Now, Timestamp, Random number
  • Renaming a flow requires double-clicking the name
  • ‘Save and continue’ button has been removed as any change is automatically saved

We hope you enjoy these updates.

Deployment dates for v4.51

Community: 11th December 2023

Enterprise: 18th December 2023

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