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Risk Assessment

Proactively assess and monitor potential risks

The risk assessment blueprint is a guide to efficiently building a Rainbird solution that uses your approach to risks to interpret a situation so that you improve and augment risk processes.

Automated risk assessments can systematically evaluate potential risks that are overt or hidden in your organisation’s or clients’ activities, and either escalate them or automate actions to mitigate.

Automating risk assessments allows you to continually assess and mitigate risks in real-time.

Use cases

Know who you’re onboarding

By understanding your customers better you understand both the risk and opportunity better. Reduce fraud exposure, increase revenue and reduce manual workloads.

Achieve “Perpetual Know Your Customer” (pKYC)

Model what is important in managing risks and automatically monitor for changes to ensure continual compliance.

Run retrospective checks

Review your customer risk exposure across your entire book of business and understand the risk impact of any regulation changes instantly.

Detect fraud in real-time

Continuously monitor customer behaviour, tracking and mitigating suspicious activity automatically.


  • Automate decisions that previously required specialist expertise.
  • Enable risk experts to independently define risk rules, and enable the technology to do the cognitive heavy lifting to deliver superior consistent results.
  • Enable risk experts to maintain risk logic delivering a rapid change cycle.
  • Reduce risks and avoid losses with automated, connected risk assessments — turning a traditionally annual process into a 24/7 watchman.
  • Ensure that all outcomes are accompanied by an easily interpreted audit trail to deliver trust and accountability for each judgement.

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