Dive into our case studies to see how Rainbird Decision Intelligence has enabled our clients to tackle their most complex digital transformation challenges, build trustworthy AI capabilities and achieve their business goals.

Case Study
22 May, 2022

R&D Tax Credit Decisioning

An automation solution that helps BDO generate new six-figure revenues, powered by Rainbird Decision Intelligence.
#Benchmarking #Tax
Case Study
21 May, 2022

Assessing COVID-19 risk for thousands within minutes

Like many other NHS trusts, the occupational health team at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Trust called in the Rainbird Decision Intelligence platform to help scale quality decision-making.
#Clinical Assessment #COVID-19 #Workplace Assessment
Case Study
20 May, 2022

Automated inter-dealer brokerage

AiX approached Rainbird with an aim to transform the Inter Dealer Brokerage market by making trading simpler, more efficient, and more transparent, powered by Rainbird Decision Intelligence.
#Financial actions #Financial management #Investment
Case Study
19 May, 2022

Motor Liability Decisioning

AIS provide cognitive technology solutions to the UK motor insurance industry and are currently focused on helping insurers and third-party representatives make better accident liability decisions.
#Liability Assessment
Case Study
18 May, 2022

Bank Support Agent

Rainbird was integrated with IBM Watson’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) front-end to deliver for a bank a chatbot that can resolve over one hundred different trajectories of enquiry.
#Customer services #Financial actions #Financial management
Case Study
17 May, 2022

Tailored Physiotherapy Programme

Fluid Motion’s qualified physiotherapists and osteopaths use Rainbird Decision Intelligence to empower patients with customised control over their treatment plans, powered by explainable AI.

#Clinical Assessment #Problem diagnosis
Case Study
9 December, 2021

Intelligent fraud detection

A major credit card company used the Rainbird Decision Intelligence platform to embed their domain expertise in a new explainable AI model. The result transformed fraud outcomes, all powered by Rainbird Decision Intelligence.
Case Study
27 November, 2021

NHS staff self-isolation decisioning tool

Rainbird partnered with the NHS, to build an online, interactive tool that provided tailored advice on appropriate self-isolation measures to NHS staff – all powered by the Rainbird Decision Intelligence platform.
#Clinical Assessment #COVID-19 #Risk Assessment
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