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Case Study

COVID-19 Risk Assessments for UK National Health Service (NHS)

The UK’s national health service was in need of swift risk assessment processing during a period of challenging and unpredictable circumstances.


COVID-19 lockdowns hit the UK in March 2020. Over 25% of healthcare staff were self-isolating, and all needed to be risk assessed. The UK healthcare industry experienced significant staff and resource shortages during a period of high demand.

Within a month, the management had to risk assess all staff—a feat that had never before been attempted, and the service was poorly equipped.


Collaborating with a leading Occupational Health expert, we used the Rainbird Decision Intelligence platform to encode their knowledge into an extended knowledge graph over which Rainbird could reason. The model combined government and published medical guidance on rapidly changing COVID-19 risk assessment factors.

Together, we published a tool with a web front-end that enabled any front-line worker to complete a comprehensive risk assessment. The process was 100% confidential and ethically sound. The assessment produced accurate results, even with ambiguous and incomplete data and could provide a chain of reasoning with evidence for each output.


The Rainbird-powered tool was completed and deployed within just eight days and provided staff with digital, automated COVID-19 risk assessments. Health institutions in the UK then deployed it across their facilities.

Even more recently, in post-vaccine conditions, the healthcare provider utilised the Rainbird-powered tool. They continue to explore several different use cases for other automation solutions.

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