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Financial Assessment

Assess your customers’ ability to afford your products and services

The financial assessment blueprint is a guide to efficiently building a Rainbird solution that quantifies a customer’s financial position, such as their ability to afford a product service. It can also measure the size of an opportunity, calculate a financial gap or determine a financial loss.

Automating financial assessment allows faster compliant onboarding of customers, offering them more appropriate solutions with less paperwork.

Use cases

Loan repayment affordability

Verify if a customer has the financial means to make regular payments toward a lending product.

Assess a business’s financial stability

Assess a supplier’s stability, by reviewing their balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement alongside other factors.

Size an Insurance loss

Quantify loss even in the face of incomplete or uncertain information.

Cost to replace

Optimally establish the cost of a claim against a policy hierarchy of fix, replace, replace new etc.

Trade Price Validation

Reduce the risk of rogue or abnormal trades by guaranteeing that all trades are checked at execution against current pricing limits, and ensure only the trades within limits are accepted and executed.


  • Codify expertise independently and declaratively and leverage the technology to combine factors to make superior judgements
  • Rapidly connect models to multiple external data sources enabling complex assessments to be made continually in real-time.
  • Make accurate and superior decisions quickly to ensure rapid downstream processing and minimise financial loss
  • Provide a complete rationale for every evaluation that demonstrates the basis of all calculations and the sources of data used — to satisfy stakeholders, including regulators.

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