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Liability Assessment

Determine where liability lies for losses incurred

The liability assessment blueprint is a guide to efficiently building a Rainbird solution to accurately assess where liability lies for one or more actions. Rainbird empowers organisations to assess liability with speed, accuracy, and consistency — even where there is limited access to data.

Automating liability assessments delivers both improved efficiency and accuracy, identifying who or what is at fault for losses incurred, at any scale.

Use cases

Insurance recoveries

Automatically analyse the complexities of any insurance claim and maximise opportunities to claim back money from other insured parties.


On receiving a first notification of loss, form a rapid view of both liability and quantum, even in the face of conflicting data.

Determine when to defend and when to pay

Assess your company’s true position and the rationale behind each argument enabling you to know when to defend and when to settle claims.


  • Automate recommended actions in environments where previously it was only possible to prepare facts for human specialists to review, freeing those experts for more complex cases.
  • Embed expertise in processes in order to make complex judgements earlier avoiding onward costs.
  • Enable rapid design and implementation of use cases and connect multiple use cases easily to deliver end-to-end automations.
  • Determine a course of action and explain how that decision was achieved – with a clear articulation of the why as well as the what.

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