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Revenue Assurance

Monitor for revenue leakage

The revenue assurance blueprint is a guide to efficiently building a Rainbird solution that uses your organisation’s expertise to monitor and manage potential revenue leakage and prevent future losses.

Rainbird empowers an organisation to continuously monitor its revenue cycle and ensure integrity and accuracy across all systems.

Automating revenue assurance processes can ensure the integrity of unlimited revenue transactions in real-time, avoiding the cost and potential leakage caused by manual reviews.

Use cases

Renewal Tool

Determine price and promotion parameters based on an automated judgement of customer loyalty to ensure optimal renewals.

Insurance Recoveries / Subrogation

Automatically assess even the most complex claims and determine opportunities to recover damages from other insurers and third parties.


Determine why customers cannot keep up with payments and automatically determine bespoke actions to maximise recoveries, at scale.

Banking Recoveries

Protect customers, manage risks and meet compliance obligations by identifying vulnerability, even
when transient.

Sales Qualification

Codify the best of your sales, marketing and product knowledge to accurately determine the likelihood of deals successfully closing.


  • Overcome the scarce availability of qualified experts by codifying knowledge and automatically apply that to decisions at scale.
  • Ensure that experts are central to the process of building and maintaining the knowledge that drives automated decision making.
  • Rapidly intercept revenue risks and trigger appropriate downstream automated actions to remediate.
  • Ensure that all judgements are interpretable with a full audit trail to satisfy all stakeholders.

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