A new OECD study on automation offers a dose of reality to the ‘humans vs machines’ narrative

12 April 2018

If there’s one thing we should all have learnt from the 21st Century so far, it’s that sometimes the experts get it wrong.

In the face of GDPR, AI technologies that can explain their own rationale are the way forward

23 March 2018

Last weekend’s edition of the Sunday Times Magazine saw another contribution in a long line of commentary on the AI “black box” problem.

The fraudsters have stolen a march – use ‘expert-down’ automated decisioning to get a step ahead

21 February 2018

Nothing beats human understanding when trying to investigate complex fraud cases, and this understanding is exactly what Rainbird allows you to scale.

Omnichannel and risk protection: a delicate balancing act

The ability of organisations to reduce the impact of fraud with their current technology is compromised by some major shifts in the market brought about by the rising expectation of customers, and the pace of new omnichannel experiences.

Only a tailored, strategic and automated approach will help you fight fraud at scale

Every company’s fraud profile is unique, so a tailored approach to fraud prevention is key. But simply adapting generic solutions is not enough – it’s vital to invest in innovative decision-making platforms that are configurable, scalable and easy to use. By applying these cognitive technologies to fraud prevention programmes, Rainbird is helping all kinds of businesses stay ahead of increasingly large-scale and sophisticated fraud.

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