Rainbird launches Co-Author powered by GPT-4

Rainbird Co-Author, powered by GPT-4, turns your instructions, documentation or data into “glass box” AI that explains every judgement.

Simulate human-like reasoning to solve your toughest problems.

Imagine your most complex and contextual decisions, being faster, more accurate and entirely auditable.

Rainbird can handle complex scenarios because it reasons as humans do. It combines data with knowledge to deliver expert decisions, free of human noise and bias, and without a single line of code.

Explore the future of the Autonomous Enterprise.

Increase efficiency and generate new revenues with truly intelligent decisioning

Remove organisational bottlenecks by automating complex, human-intensive processes with decision intelligence. Rainbird’s decision automation solutions are up to 100x faster and 25% more accurate than humans, and provide a rationale for all decisions.

And ensures 100% transparency and explainability for every decision made.

Our decision intelligence systems are quicker to build, easier to maintain and simpler to re-use than traditional decision technologies.

Boost customer experiences
and outcomes

Automate high-quality decisions based on real-time customer data. Your customers can now experience minimal wait times, high-quality recommendations, and intuitive customer support.

Stay ahead of your competitors with tailored features to suit your customer’s needs

You’re in good company

With Rainbird, we’re now able to make high-quality automated decisions at scale.
Dan Francis, Innovation Director, BDO

Become a truly intelligent automation and decision-making organisation

Find out how Rainbird can ensure every decision in your organisation benefits from the required expertise.