Scale knowledge and automate human decision-making

Rainbird is a no-code intelligent automation platform. It’s for innovators, experts, changemakers and RPA leaders at organisations that operate in competitive, transactional and regulated markets. It provides all the associated benefits of process automation technologies and machine learning, without their limitations.


Make recurrent processes dramatically more efficient

Reduce organisational pressure by automating complex, human-intensive processes. Rainbird’s intelligent automation solutions are typically 100x faster and 25 per cent more accurate than humans.

Boost customer experiences and outcomes

Automate high-quality decisions in real-time so customers experience your organisation’s product or service with minimal wait time, while improving quality.

Create never-before-possible digital products and services

Intelligent automation is not just about reducing costs. Rainbird can help you generate revenue. What would you create if you could multiply your people’s impact by 100?

How intelligent automation transforms your organisation

Automate decisioning

Learn how our platform enables you to automate human-intensive complex decision processes.

Scale and accelerate RPA

Learn how our platform enables you to make your RPA faster and cheaper to build, maintain and execute.

Be in good company

Proven case studies

Intelligent fraud protection

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COVID-19 risk assessments

Automated inter-dealer brokerage

Motor liability decisioning

Cognitive tax advice

Bank support agent

Rainbird: Truly Intelligent Automation

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