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Rainbird is an AI-powered cognitive reasoning engine that enables companies to automate complex decision-making at scale.

The Rainbird engine has two parts:

  • An easy-to-use authoring platform where knowledge maps, rules and data links are built by the experts in your business; and

  • A runtime platform that allows users to interact with this knowledge in real-time through a chatbot, app, or web assistant.

Automation is just the start. To differentiate your business you must also augment your best workers and innovate new solutions.

  • Make complex judgements at scale
  • Retain critical business knowledge
  • Satisfy regulators with audited reasoning
  • Incorporate real-time data into decision-making
  • Power chatbots to automate more of your support services
  • Learn more about your customers and their interests


  • Differentiate your business
  • Transform operational efficiency
  • Improve customer outcomes

Audited, automated reasoning

Rainbird makes complex judgements based on big data, but can also explain ‘why’.

This is because its cognitive reasoning engine takes human rules and combines it with this data when making judgements.

The result is an audit trail for every decision made, satisfying customers and regulators, something pure machine learning cannot do.

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