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situational human decision-making with trust baked-in.

Transform Decision Intelligence with Rainbird’s advanced reasoning engine

Our Decision Intelligence platform enables the automation of complex decision-making with explainability and trust baked-in.

Lean on our decade of experience delivering next-generation trusted Decision Intelligence and automation in financial services, tax, legal, healthcare, biotech, compliance, and more.

Build Trustworthy AI models that automate complex decision-making

We ensure explainability, traceability and reliability—completely eliminating the hallucination and explainability challenges of LLMs.

Our approach enables models to start from knowledge, avoiding the limitation of needing to be “data first”.

Rainbird also supports natural language consultation, enabling a new generation of trustworthy AI-powered digital services.

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Bridge data and process with Rainbird Decision Intelligence

Data and process people agree on their desire to bring intelligence and automation to human decision-making.

Rainbird leverages your data but still thrives in low data environments. It avoids bias and ensures that your AI-powered decisions are explainable, reliable and traceable.

Read about how our clients have achieved unprecedented success with Rainbird and delivered market leading AI-powered products and services.

  • Reducing the time spent on R&D tax benchmarking from up to five hours to a few seconds gives our experts more time for interesting, high-value work and better work-life balance.
    Dan Francis, Director of Innovation and Digital at BDO
  • The potential applications of the Rainbird platform are endless.
    Craig Dickson, CEO of DACB’s Claims Solutions Group
  • This is a vital tool for a number of reasons – not only does it help to protect front-line staff…it will also significantly reduce pressure on occupational health services.
    Dr Robert Hardman, Consultant in Occupational Medicine at NNUH
  • RPA takes the robot out of the human, whereas Rainbird puts the human into the robot.
    Wayne Butterfield, Director of ISG
  • Rainbird is relevant to 100% of our portfolio and may just be the most important technology 
    in financial services.
    Gilad Amir, Digital Operating Partner at Pollen Street Capital
  • Rainbird mapped our regulatory requirements with so much nuance that we also have a long-term automated solution to our product suitability and KYC.
    Clem Mactaggart, Chief Strategy Officer at Killik & Co

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Explore how Rainbird can seamlessly integrate human expertise into every decision-making process. Embrace the future of Decision Intelligence powered by explainable AI.