Rainbird models human reasoning, and applies it wherever there are pressured, time-intensive and complex decisions to be made. It provides an audit trail for every decision, making it ideally suited to any regulated industry. So far we’ve transformed outcomes in finance, banking, automotive, health, retail, and law

Banking & Finance

Banking is going online. The widespread modern consumer demand for seamless omnichannel experiences has engendered a widespread technological leap forward for financial institutions.

75% of consumers say it’s important or extremely important to be able to easily switch between channels when interacting with their bank. Convenience is the mission of the day for banks everywhere.

Whether via building intelligent Rainbird-powered chatbots, or harnessing Rainbird to innovate new methods of online trading, businesses are ensuring they don’t miss out on this trend.


The insurance sector is on the verge of a seismic shift. Blighted by inaccurate judgements and an outdated customer experience, the industry is poised for healthy disruption. There is time and money to be saved.

Nowhere does this ring truer than in motor insurance, where premium costs are at an all-time high. The cost of car insurance has been rapidly inflating in recent years – in no small part due to inefficiencies in the liability claims process. With cost inflation of car insurance now eating up 10% of a young driver’s average salary, the sector is crying out for cost-saving innovation.

Our AI-powered automated decision-making platform can ensure faster, more accurate liability decisions, so that when an accident takes place, customers pay no more than they should.


After years of relying on outdated practises, the legal sector is on the precipice of change. This is an industry in which oceans of time is taken up by exhaustive manual tasks – endless contracts and legislative documents to be reviewed. This is time that could be far better spent. A successful firms makes the most of its highly qualified, experienced professionals.

By automating the process of reviewing legislation and identifying customer needs, Rainbird is a tool that can allow lawyers to focus on doing what they do best: using their nous and know-how to offer a great customer service.


Nothing beats human understanding when trying to investigate complex fraud cases, and this understanding is exactly what Rainbird allows you to scale.

By drawing on the knowledge of a company’s best performing subject matter experts, as well as data from a history of fraud cases, clients are able to model a Rainbird-powered fraud engine representing the company’s best-practice procedures, capable of handling multiple concurrent transactions simultaneously and consistently. It’s the only way to effectively handle the volume and frequency of potentially fraudulent transactions hitting a business.


At large accounting firms, highly skilled specialists carry out tax judgements on behalf of their clients, but the assessment process is manual – the kind of task that can fill a professional’s workday.

By combining financial assessment data with modelled human expertise, Rainbird can make complex judgements based on a combination of real-world experience, applicable rules and regulations and client-specific data. What’s more, it can do this at scale.


Providing high-quality, customised healthcare to patients in the UK is sadly not always a possibility. The demand for specialists far outweighs the supply, and the cost of their service outweighs most patients’ budgets.

In the case of our community healthcare service client Fluid Motion, there simply weren’t enough quality physiotherapists and osteopaths to go around. With musculoskeletal conditions making up around 2 to 3 out of every 5 GP appointments in the UK, this is hardly surprising.

There is, however, enough knowledge to go around. By encoding the expertise of health specialists in a Rainbird knowledge map, patients can have access to tailored treatment plans in a process that would previously have been too expensive and time consuming to be offered at scale.