The insurance sector is on the verge of a seismic shift. Blighted by inaccurate judgements and an outdated customer experience, the industry is poised for healthy disruption. There is time and money to be saved.

Nowhere does this ring truer than in motor insurance, where premium costs are at an all-time high. The cost of car insurance has been rapidly inflating in recent years – in no small part due to inefficiencies in the liability claims process. With cost inflation of car insurance now eating up 10% of a young driver’s average salary, the sector is crying out for cost-saving innovation.

The first point of call in the claims cycle is First Notification of Loss (FNOL), when a customer notifies their insurer about an accident. Contact centres typically field these calls, where handler error is common in an environment in which employee turnover is high, roles are often low paid, and employee engagement is poor.

At this early stage in the claims cycle, a flawed liability judgement can have numerous knock-on effects: claim delays, increased costs, reputation damage for the insurer and dissatisfaction for the customer.

The Rainbird team sat down with the liability experts at Automated Insurance Solutions to encode their best-practise methods into a knowledge map. Rainbird takes each claim’s data and compares it with the knowledge map, resulting in an accurate automated judgement using a probabilistic method modelled on human expertise.

Not every claims handler is an expert on collision damage or auto repair, but with Rainbird encoded with the best-practise methods of their company, they can have that expertise at their fingertips.

Our AI-powered automated decision-making platform can ensure faster, more accurate liability decisions, so that when an accident takes place, customers pay no more than they should.

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