At Rainbird we help scale, augment, and enhance best practice decision-making throughout claims and underwriting to mitigate risk and protect your business against hidden exposure.


With Rainbird, you can truncate the claims process with speed, consistency, and transparent decision-making.


Evaluate risk in real-time and limit exposure by connecting human expertise and data to automate decisions based on your organisation’s risk appetite.

Our customer stories
Motor Liability Decisioning

AIS harness Rainbird’s automated decision-making platform to assist insurers in making better liability judgements.

Result: By implementing our technology within a liability process, insurers and others in the motor claims industry see a material improvement in both the accuracy and consistency of front-end liability decision-making.

Based on current industry claim costs, even a reduction of 2% will yield savings of more than £40 per claim.

How Rainbird operates

Rainbird is an AI-powered automation platform that scales, augments, and enhances best practice decision-making.
The Studio
Your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) use The Studio - an easy-to-use modelling interface - to encode their business logic and create knowledge maps.
The Reasoner
The Reasoner is the brains behind the operation - the powerful decisioning engine that uses the models created in The Studio to automate decision-making. It is the engine that you will never see.
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